IT Companies in India Hiring Numerous PHP Developers to Meet Rising Demand

Published: 23rd June 2011
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The demand for PHP developers around the world is high after this server-side scripting language has proved its usefulness in developing websites. Most dynamic website use PHP and web developers like to use this language because it helps them save a lot of time and effort. It allows them to integrate a lot of other technologies on the website and helps them make it compatible on a number of platforms without making too much effort. The software development companies like to develop websites using PHP because it saves them a lot of money, and promises top-notch quality on the top of it.

The number of companies that need to get their websites developed has also increased over time. Now it is not just international firms of big companies that are using website to get more business and revenue. Almost all the companies, whether they be small or big, need their own websites because the internet has become very important and websites are as important (or maybe more important) that phones. So PHP development for websites has taken off and companies that deliver good websites using this technology are getting a lot of work.

India has been the top outsourcing destination for software development work, and the country has been ready for the boom in PHP development. Software companies and educational institutes were ready for the PHP boom, and they started giving education in PHP development years ago. As a result of this, there are a number of talented and experienced PHP developers working in Indian software development companies. The presence of much-needed workforce that can work at lower rates has attracted a large number of companies from UK, US and Europe to choose India for their web development work.

The increase in software development work, and particularly PHP development, has given an opportunity to a number of IT companies across India to expand their workforce and grow as companies. The fact the Indian businesses in retail, realty, phrama, education and manufacturing sectors are growing speedily has also helped this hiring spree. While IT companies in India used to depend almost exclusively on foreign companies for their revenue, now many companies are flourishing as a result of lucrative projects form Indian corporations and government organizations.

The presence of a large number of web development projects has helped a number of companies increase their revenue, and many have started an intensive hiring process to make sure that they have a large number of PHP developers. As a result, students proficient with PHP development are being snapped up quickly by reputed IT firms. There is a special need and high pay for PHP developers who are capable for communicating well with the clients and have leadership qualities.

A number of software companies are also recruiting in large numbers and offering PHP development candidates on ‘hire’ to companies abroad. This the best time for PHP developers in India, and they can use their skills to get a good package, and even use their experience to seek work in foreign companies.

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